We welcome submissions from Palestinian writers and artists (and diaspora) around the world at any career stage for our ongoing column of Palestinian voices, Songs of the Sunbirds, edited in collaboration with Dalliya Rabei at Al Quds University. Our goal is to publish Palestinian perspectives on a rolling basis, and please know that we are not interested only in stories about suffering, but a variety of stories–whatever you want to submit. We don’t want to box any writers or artists in. There is no submission fee for this column, but there will be a submission cap so we can respond punctually. Please know that we will work very hard to respond quickly, and for the cap to remain open as much as possible. Include a short bio with your submission and state your genre, please!


Categories are as followed, and the honorarium is $100 per piece, regardless of genre:


  1. Creative Nonfiction Essay (maximum 1500 words)
  2. Nonfiction, Opinion Piece (maximum 1500 words) 
  3. Poetry (please submit up to three poems at a time, in one document) 
  4. Art (please submit one image at a time)
  5. Video (please submit one at a time, under five minutes) 
  6. Letters (please provide as an image) 
  7. Video (please submit only one video at a time, and this would include videos of spoken word poetry) 
  8. Visual Essay (maximum five images and 1500 words--this category is for those writing essays that include images)
  9. Recipes (you may include one recipe per submission) 


If you’re writing fiction or longer creative nonfiction and/ or want to submit to our regular ongoing bi-annual issues with no fee, please do not submit here! This is for the column only! We are very excited to read your submissions, and even if they are not chosen for publication, they will receive great care.



We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.